Business for Peace Foundation

Business for Peace is an international foundation based in Oslo, Norway. Founded in 2007, the Foundation was established with the intention that all business leaders see improving society as their core purpose.

At the centre of the Foundation’s activities is the annual Oslo Business for Peace Award, conferred to exceptional individuals who exemplify the Foundation’s concept of being businessworthy: ethically and responsibly creating value for both business and society. An independent Award Committee, consisting of Nobel Laureates in peace and economics, selects the Award Honourees each year. The Award was first conferred in 2009.

The Foundation also hosts an Annual Summit bringing together business leaders, investors, leaders of NGOs, politicians, academics, and civil society from all over the world to discuss the practical actions needed in order to make substantial and sustainable business contributions to society.

To see more #businessworthy content from our previous Summits and other events, visit our Youtube channel or our Flickr account.

All photographs taken by Johnny Vaet Nordskog.